All items are made to order by me in our little home studio. We use sterling silver and other metals please see descriptions for all the information. As just one person my turn around times vary from 3 days to 2 - 4 weeks depending on what you order. Shop our ready to ship section for faster items. If you need an item in a rush please contact me first.
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      We are thrilled that everyone who wears our Jewelry, knows they are getting a quality and unique one of a kind piece worthy of any hard working cowgirl even if only a deserving cowgirl at heart.

      Before I created Pintody Jewelry Design I was a salon owner and stylist who loved turquoise.
      Then one day I got an opportunity to go out west and buy an authentic piece of turquoise jewelry. I know for me finding unique jewelry has always been a challenge. With glued in stones and plated metals. I decided to create a line of true artisan quality gemstone jewelry.

      I was concerned that living on the east coast would not draw enough of a crowd for me to actually make this a business that could thrive, but then I knew when I searched for unique jewelry it was not easy to find anything unique that everyone in the world wasn’t already wearing. Made of quality materials and real gemstones that were not glued on and falling apart or worse the metal wearing off.

      I decided I’d set out to create the most sought after high-end handmade jewelry for the most serious wild spirited women in the world. It turns out the road was more difficult than I imagined.

      Finding those women has been a challenge. Seems they are more likely enjoying life not shopping online for jewels. So I have come to rely on my most avid admirers to spread the word.

      I have regrouped myself and Changed west wind creations to Pintody. now making gemstone jewelry from my heart that only a true cowgirl or any women with a wild free spirit can truly love and cherish for a life time. Jewelry that is unique one of a kind you can’t buy in a box store and no one in the world will have.

      April 2014 I had my 4th open heart surgery it has been a long recovery and I am not ever going to be as strong as I once was, so I feared I could not continue creating lovely pieces. I have never given up the fight to continue to make works of art from what’s left of my natural heart, although some days are harder I continue on.

      Now it's time to find your wild and wear it! Bring your friends and never be afraid to share us with those who are like you. WEAR YOUR WILD and show the world what you're all about.

      We are located in Stillwater, PA