What Do Women Want? Well Here is the Answer

What Do Women Want Really?

Know What You Want Then Go Get It!Someone once told me that nobody understands human nature better than hookers and hairdressers. I wouldn’t know about the former, but I have been the latter, and I confess that the experience provided me with a tuition-free course in psychology. While cutting, coloring, styling, and perming, I learned a lot about women. Perhaps if the good Dr. Freud had spent a little time helping wash that man right out of one of his female patient’s hair, he could have answered the question that he said stumped him: “What does a woman want?”

I know what women don’t want. They don’t want someone else telling them who they are and what their words mean.  Women know who they are. They know what they mean. A carefully chosen piece of jewelry can work with you to communicate that message. We love to express ourselves. I’ve helped women speak their minds through a new hairstyle or a switch from brunette to blond, but in time the style grows out and the roots grow in. The nice thing about jewelry is its staying power. It’s always there when you need it and you can put back in the drawer when you don’t. Changing from one pair of earrings to another can take the conversation from a roar to a whisper with just a graceful flick of the wrist. Are you ready to start talking?

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