Poseidon Flower Ring – Sterling Silver Artisan Jewelry


Rustic flower ring that makes a statement

  • Solid sterling silver
  • poseidon gemstone
  • Size 6.5
  • Ready to ship

Poseidon comes from NV mines and is a fairly new stone. Poseidon was also a Greek God of water and horses. I though it a perfect stone to add to pintody and thought that you would enjoy the magic of this flower ring. The mandala flower has the power to clean ones mind and give clearer thinking. This is done by meditation and is said to free the creative side of your mind.

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Make a Statement with this Poseidon Flower Ring

Wow this poseidon flower ring has to be my favorite creation I have made in a long time. Poseidon has the same make up as turquoise but minus the copper that give turquoise it’s blue color. This flower ring is 1 inch of amazing statement with a small 8mm free form cab. An artisan jewelry piece made completely of sterling silver.

The band has a leaf stamped pattern for an added nature touch on a half round band.  This ring makes a statement with the size of the mandala flower alone but the stone tells the real story. This flower ring is one of a kind in a size 6.5

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Weight 2 oz