Making A Wish On A Star

Making that wish come true

Let’s face it we have all done this right? Making a wish on a star or dandelion or birthday cake candle gives us hope.

Let me tell you about the wish I made about 4.5 years ago. I was walking my dogs late at night as I often do right before bed. I look up and there goes the longest, brightest shooting star I had ever seen. Not kidding I have seen many. Quickly I made a wish for the wish I always wished for.

What was that wish? I wished to find a little farm. The next week my hubby and I went for a drive to the area we were hoping to find a place. We did this often on weekends for something to do. Looking we did not find anything. Once back home we got on the internet to search see if we might have missed our gem. Nothing!!

About a month later we did the same but this time when we got home we found a place. A little house listing so cute and adorable. I begged my husband to come home early the next day (Monday) so we could go see it.

Low and behold it was perfect. A little disheveled but cute and could be perfect for us. A diamond in the rough for sure but it just had to be ours.
Let me get back to making that wish.

Yes I made that wish and it came true but not without a lot of disappointments, heartbreak and most of all… Months and months of hard work. I put into plan a way for us to save money for our down payment. This was long before we found our gem. We both cut cost were we could and put back money every day. I scrapped up pennies, counted and wrapped change every week. Scaled up my business and downsized on things I didn’t need.

That Oct we moved into our little farm. I told my husband about the wish. He said the wish was granted because we worked our butts off. Did what we had to do to make it come true.

See you can make all the wishes you want. In the end, you have to do the work to make them come true. You know the saying wish in one hand shit in the other, see what you get? Yeah, it’s so true you get shit in your hand!! You have to plan for those things you want and it’s ok to make those wishes on that dandelion but know that you will have to work hard to make it come true.

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